Our Approach<br/>Is Integrated

Our Approach
Is Integrated

What combination of legal, business and government relations skills will best serve the client? Our methodology is common sense—what will work for our client and what will not? Our operating landscape extends from the board room to the court room, from the White House to the halls of Congress. Our practice framework extends from representation in complex commercial transactions, international trade, government contracting and public policy, to business law and corporate planning.

Why Us

Why Us

The members of Washington Global Law Group have “big firm” experience. Many of our clients also have “big firm” experience. We created Washington Global Law Group mindful of these experiences.

What Makes<br/>Us Different

What Makes
Us Different

We know the environment – commercial, regulatory, political, and legal, both domestic and international. We have proudly served in the Executive Branch as federal prosecutors at the ground level and JAG officers and advisors at the highest policy levels. We have served on Congressional committees advancing policies into law, particularly in the area of federal acquisition, and have testified before Congress and state legislatures. We have advised and represented international companies in transactions spanning the globe.

Our Core<br/>Values

Our Core

Clients First
Absolute Integrity
Professional Excellence
Practical Solutions
Cost-Effective Results