Eileen M. O’Brien

Phone: 202-248-5412

Email: eobrien@washglobal-law.com




Eileen has always had a passion for the law. Her father and uncle maintained their own law firm that she grew up around in Buffalo, NY. After graduating from law school, she practiced under them—her “first and best mentors.”

Immediately prior to joining the Firm as a Member in September 2020, she practiced in a boutique litigation firm for ten years serving clients with matters in the District of Columbia and Maryland court systems in the areas of personal injury and commercial litigation. The focus of her practice then and now is representing individuals who have been seriously injured, and their surviving family members. Early in her career, Eileen litigated personal injury matters from the defense perspective where she developed an insider’s view of how cases are assessed by insurance companies which she now uses to her clients’ advantage. Eileen also has extensive experience litigating disputes involving commercial contracts and real property matters.

Her personal philosophy:
“Litigation can be a brawl and, by its nature, tends to attract more than its fair share of bullies. But cases are not won by the loudest voice or the most obstructionist. They are won with strategy (having a clear picture of my client’s goals and a plan to meet those goals), strong communication skills (with my client, opposing counsel, and the court), and execution (plain old hard work and perseverance).”

Overall, Eileen has more than twenty years of litigation experience in a variety of matters and has tried cases in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and New York.

Most recently, she completed a six-day trial conducted entirely through a remote video system with several clients located outside of the United States. While the current conditions are challenging, to say the least, Eileen remains focused on the interests of her clients and seeing that those interests continue to move forward.

Eileen is licensed in the federal and state courts of Maryland, New York, and the District of Columbia where she resides with her family.